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Birthdate:Jul 30
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
I've got a roof over my head.
I've got a warm place to sleep.
Some nights I lie awake counting gifts...
instead of counting sheep.

I've got a heart that can hold love.
I've got a mind that can think.
There may be times when I lose the light...
and let my spirit sink.

But I can't stay depressed...
when I remember how I'm blessed.

Grateful, grateful
Truly grateful, I am!
Grateful, grateful
Truly blessed, and duly grateful.

In a city of strangers I've got a family of friends.
No matter what rocks and rambles fill the way...
I know that they will stay until the end.

I feel a hand holding my hand.
It's not a hand you can see.
But on the road to promised land...
this hand will shepherd me through delight and despair.
Holding tight and always there.

Grateful, grateful
Truly grateful, I am!
Grateful, grateful
Truly blessed, and duly grateful.

It's not that I don't want alot
or hope for more or dream for more
but giving thanks for what I've got
makes me so much happier than keeping score

In a world that can bring pain
I will still take each chance, for I
believe that whatever the terrain -
our feet can learn to dance.

Whatever stone life may sling
we can moan or can sing.

Grateful, grateful
Truly grateful, I am!
Grateful, grateful
Truly blessed, and duly grateful.

-John Bucchino, "Grateful"

This journal is of an adult gay male and as such may include images or discussions of a frank (adult) nature. Persons under the age of majority in their area should not proceed to read my journal. This disclaimer is placed here in cooperation with LiveJournal's policy.

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